About Us


Pink Equine was formed in 2007 by mother of two Denise Field, but the story of why it was formed began much earlier, when Denise was a pony mad child.

Denise says "As a child I was obsessed with horses, my dream was to own one and I used to enter every single competition to "win a pony", sadly without success. All my English schoolwork involved some story or poem about horses and every piece of artwork involved portraits of me riding a flamboyant equine. One of my school reports even contained a hand written note from my teacher "Denise is very creative, if only she would write about something other than horses".

After years of pestering and at the age of 12, my parents challenged me to save up half the money for a horse and they would pay the rest ( I think they felt rather confident that I'd never save the money, as it did tend to burn a hole in my pocket).

A year later I proudly took charge of my first pony "Brandy" and I'd spend hours grooming him and fluffing him to the nines until he gleamed (even though I usually looked like I was dragged through a hedge backwards).

At the time my favourite colour - as with many young girls - was Pink (blame Barbie for that) - and I would search fruitlessly for grooming kits and horse gear - generally having to put up with bottle green, just to be a bit different.

Unfortunately in my late teens and after grooming a particularly dirty horse, I developed a crippling allergy and Brandy had to be sold. I never lost that love though and almost a decade later got my second horse "Kelly" and armed with inhalhers and antihistamines, I got back to the hobby I loved.

It wasn't until I had my two children and was looking for a business opportunity, that I recalled my childhood days yearning for someting "Pink". Of course nowadays you can purchase grooming kits and all manner of horse gear in all colours - except bridlework. The more I thought of the idea it seemed a natural progression. I visited Spoga in Cologne and Beta International trade fair to view the latest in Horse Tack and realized there was nothing like this on the market.

Whilst it took several years to finally come to market due to my exacting standards, Pink Equine - with its unique range of coloured bridlework - was born.

As the years have passed, Pink Equine has grown from its colour based days, to provide a unique blend of fashion, quality and design. Our ethos of using only the best materials and providing something unique to the buyer have carried through and resulted in todays offering of completely bespoke, quality bridlework and saddlery.

To this day we use only one saddler to make our products as we have strict guidelines on the finish of the product. As a Customer of Pink Equine, you can expect to receive your bespoke product beautifully packaged, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is truly nothing that compares on the market with the level of customization offered and the new 'Design your Own' feature is something no other company offers.

From it's small beginnings, Pink Equine is now an International brand, with customers from all over the world wearing our products. And finally, as for Kelly, the second horse I owned, well, she is now in her mid 30's and enjoying a wonderful retirement in 10 acres of pasture - and as for the horse obsession, it seems I have passed this onto my daughter."

Beautifully Bespoke

Our bespoke products offer you, the customer the opportunity to create a unique identity. With over 21 colour combinations in our Sport Range and the opportunity to create a browband of your own colour combination, there are literally thousands of variants available.

For riders who like a more classical style, we have created the Diamond Range, which utilizes neutral colours mixed with hues of silver and gold to stunning effect. While our Tyffany Range incorporates larger crystals that can also be set in 1,000's of design options.

Whilst it does take time to prepare your creation, you can be assured of a beautiful and unique finish, created with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Typically our Bespoke Service works on a 12 - 16 weeks timescale, though your item may arrive sooner. We submit orders to our manufacturer as they arrive and these are added to our existing order with them, until we reach the shipping date, when the whole process starts again on a rolling basis.

Bespoke, in our case, really does mean exactly that, unlike mass produced bridlework, each item is cut, made and stitched individually which results in a much better finish, as quality control is ongoing throughout the manufacture process.

Luxury Packaging

Whilst we have offered our Browbands with Luxury Packaging, we are now offering luxury packaging on all saddley items (even girths). Each item will be carefully packaged in luxury matt black packaging creating a unique boutique feel to our range.

All our packaging is environmentally friendly, being sourced from recycled materials - not that you would ever know it due to the supreme finish.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All customers can rest assured of a cast iron quality guarantee, our aim is for you to receive your bespoke creation and be completely delighted with it.

If for any reason this is not the case, please contact us at admin@pinkequine.com and we will be pleased to assist.

Furthermore, each of our products comes with a one year guarantee for your complete peace of mind.