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History of Horse Tack Horse riding equipment can be traced back to about 700BC, although there is disagreement about dates, with some scholars believing that Equus (Latin for horse) or horses were being ridden as far back as 4000BC. Saddles were no more than tasselled cloths or pads, held on to the horses back by […]

It is now clear to every horse lover that daily brushing not only cleanses but also promotes a relationship with the horse. During cleaning, any changes to the skin or diseases can also be seen. Good care is only achieved with good materials. The company Leistner uses only the best horsehair and high-quality bristles of […]

Since 2007 we have offered William Leistner Brushes as a Crystallized only option with a belt made of 2 or 3 rows of Crystals, now you can also buy the exact same brushe bristle with a Luxury Croco Belt and no crystals. William Leistner is a traditional family enterprise, existing now in the fourth’ generation. […]

New for 2018 is the Pink Equine Rewards Scheme, what does that mean for you? The more you spend, the more money you get put into your Rewards account to spend on products on our website. It is valid on every item you purchase and you get 1 point for every £2 Spent. 10 points […]

For 2018 we at Pink Equine have introduced a brand new Configurator to enable you to build your own horse tack, containing literally thousands of images and taking months and months of input, we are happy to bring you the following products available at launch date:- Sport Interchange Colour Piped Browband Sport Interchange Crystal Browband […]

We have today launched their new fully mobile responsive website, featuring all the usual Pink Equine, Diamonds, Tyffany and Sport Range Bridles, Browbands and Girths. In addition, we have a fantastic range of Mattes Sheepskin Saddle Pads and Girths, plus selected HKM Saddle Pads, Bandages, Ear Bonnets and Boots. New for 2018 we have introduced […]

There are just four personality types and each has its own distinctive characteristics and typical responses to a variety of situations. Each individual personality will be best supported and expressed with a specific palette of colours. Spring If you go out and look at nature in spring, it has a very specific colour scheme and […]