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HKM – Coloured Horse Ear Bonnet


This hand knitted ear bonnet provides comfort for your horse.
  • Size: Pony, Cob or Full
  • 28 fantastic Colours
  • Logo Patch for Embroidery to front
  • Machine Washable
  • Quality Hand Knitted Fabric
  • 100% Polyester
  • Please see our Buyers Guide for current delivery times on Bespoke Products
Pony Cob Full
Ear Bonnet Colours
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The Crocheted Horse ear bonnet (also called “ear hoods” “ear nets” or “fly bonnets”) was first seen in the world of show jumping. Top show jumpers who often competed on grass found their horses were becoming pre-occupied by all manner of fly insects

You can imagine how unnerving it would be for your horse to be attempting a tricky treble combination, only to be distracted by a huge horsefly buzzing around its ears.

The crocheted horse fly veil appeared on the scene and it wasn’t long before other disciplines followed suit. Jump forward ten years or so and today they are available in many different colours and styles, even to match your saddle pad, and horse tack.

The crochet fabric covers the horse’s ears, keeping insects and other debris away. The swaying movement of the fringes or tassels keep the insects away from the horses eyes.

The HKM everyday horse ear bonnet comes in a range of colours and piping, so that you can make sure your horse tack and saddle pad matches perfectly

The ear bonnet comes in three sizes, pony, cob or full. When choosing, make sure the ear hoods are a roomy fit for your horse. Too snug and they’re likely to annoy your horse more than insects.

Match your Horse Ear bonnet with a stunning range of saddle pads or a bespoke bridle.


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Dimensions 30 × 24 × 3 cm

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Ear Bonnet Colours

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