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Sport Interchange Colour Stitched Stirrup Leathers


Sport Interchange Stirrup Leathers with fancy stitch feature . Add to this product with other Sport Interchange Products in the range with our bespoke configurator.
  • Premium Top Leather
  • 30 Colours of Stitching
  • Sizes:Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full
  • Bespoke Product
  • Please see our Buyers Guide for current delivery times on Bespoke Products
Main Leather Colour
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Stitch Colour
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100cm (39in) 110cm (43in) 120cm (47in) 130cm (51in) 140cm (55in) 150cm (59in) 160cm (63in) 170cm (67in)
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Made from top quality English Leather, these Sport Interchange Colour Stitched Stirrup Leathers are all BESPOKE – MADE TO ORDER with stitching in 30 great Colours. These Stirrup Leathers are inside lined with Strong Nylon to minimize stretching and provide additional strength. Finished with Top Quality Buckles the coloured stitching really sets them off and creates a nice contrast against the saddle. *** Please note these are colour stitched, they do not come with colour piping***


Pink Equine Stirrup LeathersWhen looking at purchasing Stirrup Leathers it’s important to choose a size where there is not too much excess strap once you have the leathers to your riding length, nor that you require a roll around the stirrup irons (a problem sometimes seen when small children are in the saddle). Our Stirrups are extremely adjustable with 12 holes each at 3cm Intervals. Holes start at 2/3rds along the length of the Stirrup Leathers, with room to add more if required, so if you have smaller and larger children riding the same pony add all their measurements up and divide by the number of children to get an average size that will work for all of them.
Size (cms):
90 cm
100 cm
110 cm
120 cm
130 cm
140 cm
150 cm
160 cm
170 cm
Size (inches)
35 in
39 in
43 in
47 in
51 in
55 in
59 in
63 in
67 in

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 x 16 x 8 cm
Main Leather Colour


Stitch Colour

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