Quality Grooming Brushes


Posted By: denise on March 29, 2018 News

Quality Grooming Brushes

It is now clear to every horse lover that daily brushing not only cleanses but also promotes a relationship with the horse. During cleaning, any changes to the skin or diseases can also be seen. Good care is only achieved with good materials. The company Leistner uses only the best horsehair and high-quality bristles of pig and wild boar for the high-quality brush. Horsehair has the advantage of a high resilience, that is, it goes back to its original form. That’s why it was used until a few years ago in the classic tailoring for the lining of the front of jackets or coats and still in fully upholstered mattresses.

The general opinion is that plastic is generally more hygienic than wood. But the exact opposite is the case! In contrast to plastic, wood has an antibacterial effect, as studies by the Federal Biological Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry in Braunschweig have shown. “The antibacterial effect occurs equally on the surface as well as in the interior of the wood,” explains Dr.-Ing. Helmut Steinkamp, ​​project manager at the German Institute of Food Technology.

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