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Mattes Girth Consultation

We are experts in solving girth issues. Whether the girth is rubbing, causing your saddle to slip forwards or backwards, or just doesn’t fit properly, we will be able to offer a solution. In fact we are so confident that should any girth we recommend not fit your horse, we will replace it free of charge.

All you need to do is complete the free girth consultation form below and email two pictures of your horse, one without any horse tack and one with your current girth after your horse or pony has been ridden.

Please also feel free to call us if you wish to discuss your requirements on 01386 833050 and we will be happy to assist you over the phone. Images should be emailed separately to [email protected] using the email you added to the form.

horse girth fitting consultation

Ensuring the comfort and well-being of your horse is at the forefront of every rider’s mind, and one aspect often overlooked is the fit of the horse girth. Just as crucial as a correctly fitting saddle and bridle, the girth plays a pivotal role in your horse’s comfort during rides. Unfortunately, this area of horse tack is sometimes undervalued.

Finding the right horse girth is akin to discovering the perfect pair of shoes – it should provide a secure and comfortable fit to enhance your horse’s performance and overall well-being. Ill-fitting girths can lead to discomfort, chafing, and even impact your horse’s willingness to work.

In the vast market of equestrian products, it’s essential to acknowledge the presence of low-quality, ill-suited girths that may compromise your horse’s comfort and safety. We understand the abundance of options can be overwhelming, and it’s why we still work with and recommend only one brand of horse girths, those made by Mattes Equestrian.

Investing in a well-crafted horse girth may seem like a small detail, but its impact on your horse’s comfort is significant. The Mattes girth collection prioritizes both functionality and comfort, ensuring that your horse’s well-being is never compromised. The range encompasses four styles each one specifically designed to suit a specific type of horse. Mattes girths are available in long or short, Western and English formats.