Mattes Correction System – Replacement Mattes Shims

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Replacement Mattes pad shims. The Mattes correction shim set can only be used on a Mattes Saddle Pad that has been designed to accept Shims.

****This is for replacement shims only****
    Each Set Includes:

  • 6 shims on the 2 pocket system (3 per side)
  • 6 Front/Rear Shims on 4 Pocket System (6 per side)
  • 6 Front/Middle/Rear shims on the Western 6 Pocket System (12 per side)

In respect of English saddle pads, choose the style and number of pockets. For Western saddle pads choose the number of pockets and click add to cart below.

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Replacement Mattes Pad Shims Only

Mattes Correction System.

Bridging saddles are a very common problem, not only with Western saddles but also with English saddles. Because of the narrowness in the centre of the panel of the saddle, saddle flocking is problematical in this area. The 2 or 4 (6 pockets on Western pads) pocket mattes correction system together with Poly-flex® shims provides the best and easiest means of solving this problem in the following way.

Each pocket, (one or two on the near side, one or two on the off side) will take up to 6 x 5mm Poly-flex® shims, giving up to 30mm of adjustment per pocket. Mattes shims can be added to and removed from the pockets quickly and easily, as required. Mattes shim pads can be cut and glued together as required to provide a completely gapless and exact fit where the saddle ‘bridges’.

Mattes recommend that you are assisted by a fully trained saddle fitter in correcting a problem of this nature.

The 2 or 4 pocket Mattes Correction system together with the Poly-flex® shims, also provides an ideal solution to equalise ‘one sided’ backs caused by, for example, under developed muscles along the full length of the saddle.

Should it no longer be necessary to correct the fit of the saddle, simply remove all Poly-flex® shims and use the Numnah / Saddle pad as though it were a standard Numnah / Saddle pad / Half Pad.

When ordering replacement Correction® system shims, please note that the Poly-flex® shims are cut to suit the size and style of your Numnah / Saddlepad (eg. General Purpose, Dressage, Show Jumping).

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to correct the fit of the saddle to ensure it remains in balance without altering its flocking:-

  • To help compensate for changes in young horses due to their rapid muscle development during training
  • For fully trained horses which change muscle definition during periods of work and rest
  • To help correct natural irregularities in the horses build
  • To help compensate for a ‘lower back’ caused by age
  • To help compensate for changes in form and condition over seasons