Mattes Western Cinches

Do you struggle to find western cinches that will actually fit your horse without causing it any problems? Mattes Western Cinches have been purposely designed to fit all shapes and sizes of horses.

No matter the issues your horse may experience – whether it’s a sliding saddle, an indistinct girth groove, or sensitivity around the girth area, Mattes Western Cinches provide the solution to your issues. Select from a variety of four thoughtfully crafted ergonomic styles, available in either a cotton quilt or leather base with luxurious detachable lambskin cover for added cushioning, especially beneficial for horses with sensitive skin.

Each particular style of Cinch has been made to deal with a different size and shape of the horse, so you should be able to find a Western saddle Cinch to fit. Click on the design of Cinch you require below for more information on how to order a custom western cinch.

If you are in urgent need of Mattes Western Cinches and don’t want to wait for a custom one, made to your exact specifications, Mattes have a CORE range of cinches in stock in their warehouse, on a two week short order basis. They carry all four shapes, Crescent, Athletico, Anatomic and Asymmetric available in brown or black quilt with natural sheepskin. Click on the CORE range image below to order one today.

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