Mattes - Jumping Pads

Mattes show jumping saddle pads are highly rated by our customers. No matter whether you prefer the cut of the square saddle pad, the Eurofit pad or Numnah, even the show jumping half pad, Mattes have styled their show jumping saddle pads to fit under any jump saddle.

Whilst the vast choice of colours, trims, and sheepskins, will ensure that Mattes jump saddle pads will look good on any horse or pony, the most important aspect of Mattes jump pads is the design and fit and the precise way it sits under a jumping saddle.

In addition whilst the use of sheepskin is no doubt pretty, more importantly it provides additional cushioning underneath the saddle pad for the horse, whilst the natural fibres of the sheepskin wick away sweat at the same time allowing air to flow keeping the temperature on the horses back to a minimum.

For more information or to purchase a Mattes jumping saddle pad, click on the images below.

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