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Transform your riding experience with our exquisite Colour-Matching Horse Tack Sets! Discover the perfect harmony of style and functionality as you customise your collection with matching hues that resonate with your horse’s elegance. Click now to elevate your equestrian journey and create a stunning, coordinated look that stands out in the arena.

Embark on an exhilarating journey of equestrian style with our passionately crafted horse tack sets! Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration where each collection tells a unique tale of elegance and versatility. Click below to explore these curated masterpieces. They are more than just tack, they’re a symphony of passion, style, and limitless possibilities. No matter your riding discipline—be it Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, or the joyous camaraderie of local rides, we’ve tailored something extraordinary just for you. Unleash the spirit of your ride with our unparalleled horse tack creations

Horse Tack Sets

Burgundy Horse Tack sets Collection

Burgundy Horse Tack Collection

The Burgundy Horse tack sets Our Burgundy horse tack sets are inspired by the cross-country section of the ultimate equestrian ...
Blue Horse Tack Sets Collection

Blue Horse Tack Collection

The Blue Horse Tack Collection Polo "The sport of Kings" has an unfair reputation for being a notoriously posh sport ...
White Horse Tack Collection

Dressage Horse Tack Collection

Lottie Fry and Charlotte Dujardin are two of the most well-known female dressage riders in the UK and what an ...
Green Horse Tack Collection Green horse tack sets

Green Horse Tack Collection

Green Horse Tack Sets The clothes we wear say a lot about who we are and the same is true ...
Pink Horse Tack Collection

Pink Horse Tack Collection

Pink Horse Tack Sets This delightful collection of horse tack in Pink tones, is an example of what you can ...

Bespoke Horse Tack