Design your Custom Whip

Following our theme of customisation, we are thrilled to offer custom horse whips by Fleck of Germany. Choose the colours and style of your own whip and have it custom made by one of the world’s leading whip makers!

The Fleck range includes various custom horse whips, such as riding crops, dressage whips, jumping bats, and more. Now, your whip can perfectly match the rest of your riding gear.

For customers who prefer not to design their own whip or wait for custom orders, many Fleck whips are available without customisation and can be ordered from stock or on a short order basis. This way, you get the superior quality and craftsmanship synonymous with the Fleck brand without the wait.

Explore the complete range of Fleck whips, including non-customizable options, by visiting our Horse Whips Product Category Page.

For those who crave the uniqueness of a custom-made whip by Fleck, click on the images below to start your journey.

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