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Configurator How to use Guide

What is the Configurator

The Configurator is an application to allow you to choose colours/styles and designs on a product so that you can see what it looks like before you buy it. The configurator displays slightly differently depending on the product, however on all you will see a list of options that when selected will change the image that you see on the page.

How do you start the configurator

It’s easy to start the configurator, if you see a mauve ‘Design Yours’ button next to the product, it means a configurator for that product exists. To start configuring your design, simply click the Design Yours button.

How to change the design

Clicking the mauve button opens a new page, which shows you the configurator for that product, you will see some sections with colours/sizes and styles that are available for that configurator.

As you select the different colours your design image will change to your chosen colours, click on the header to open and close the sections, on the bridle configurator you can change Leather Colour from Black to Brown, plain or patent and the half colours show what padding colour, so brown with white would be Brown Leather with White Padding, Black Patent with White would be Black Patent with White leather etc. Each option has an explanation of the colour show up as you hover over it. We’ve set up a default configuration for you at the outset so you can see what it will look like, however change the colours and see what you can create.

Checking out

Once you are happy with your design, click the “Add to Cart” button to add it to your shopping cart. Your Cart will show the actual colour/style/design that you ordered and beside it the options you chose.

Video Guides

We’ve created some video guides to help you with using our configurators, here are a few to show you how it works.

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