Mattes Horse Ears

Indulge your horse in the epitome of comfort and luxury with our exquisite range of Mattes horse ears, also known as Mattes ear bonnets, fly veils, or horse bonnets. Crafted from the finest Egyptian cotton and featuring stretchable polyester ears, this high-quality, custom-made accessory offers unparalleled comfort for your equine companion.

What sets Mattes horse ears apart is the attention to detail and customization options. You have the freedom to choose the color of the materials, add elegant rope trims, and even enhance the sophistication with optional diamante crystals and embroidery. This bespoke approach ensures that your horse not only experiences the utmost comfort but also stands out in style.

If your worried about your horse reacting to loud sounds, Mattes horse bonnets are also available with padded ears designed to reduce background noise.

Whether you refer to it as a Mattes ear bonnet, Mattes fly veil, or Mattes horse bonnet, rest assured, you’re choosing the same superior product known for its luxurious materials and customizable features. Elevate your horse’s riding experience with a touch of elegance – explore our range of Mattes horse ears today, because your horse deserves the very best.

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