Design your Custom Horse Boots

A range of custom horse boots from Pink Equine and Mattes.

Pink Equine’s Horse Bell Boots are made from a soft leather with neoprene padding and protect your horse from over reaching. You can choose the colour piping and stitching to match the rest of your horse tack.

Pink Equine’s custom horse boots in the shape of tendon and fetlock boots, made from a high quality Italian leather, especially chosen and soft neoprene padding, can be purchased in black, brown or tan leather and you get to choose the colour piping and stitching.

Mattes Dressage Horse Boots, with a hard inside shell covered in premium leather and cushioned by Merino lambskin, Mattes Dressage boots not only look good, but actually do the job they were intended for. Available as front, or rear only, or as a complete set.

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