Horse Boots

Pink Equine offers a great collection of horse boots, something for everyone.

From standard bell boots and fleece lined bandages, to more specialist tendon boots and fetlock boots, as well as luxury sheepskin lined dressage boots.

Pink Equine has a horse boot to suit every budget and requirement. From bell boots that provide protection from interference from the hind feet, horse bandages that protect the horse’s legs, reduce swollen legs and offer support, to tendon and fetlock boots that provide complete protection from over reach and brushing injuries.

Not forgetting sheepskin lined dressage boots that not only protect against damage, but absorb the horse’s sweat particularly well and protect the horse’s ligaments and tendons from overheating.

Many of the horse boots we sell can be custom designed where you choose everything, from the colour of the leather, piping, and stitching, to the colour of the sheepskin.

For more detailed information and to purchase horse boots now, click the images below.

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