Mattes Pink Fleece Cooler Rug
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Mattes Bespoke Luxury Fleece Cooler Rug


  • Size: 115cm – 165cm Long (this is back length from the highest point of the wither to the tip of the tail so you must check this measurement)
  • Colour Matches Fleece Bandages
  • Binding and Rope available in many colours for a truly bespoke look
  • EHQ High Quality Fleece, Hardwearing and Elastic plus Anti Pilling Effect
  • Adapts Perfectly to the Horses Shape
  • Please see our Buyers Guide for current delivery times on Bespoke Products


Mattes Fleece Cooler Rugs

Mattes Luxury fleece cooler rugs are made of high-quality double-layer EHQ fleece. EHQ Fleece is manufactured for MATTES in Europe according to particularly high quality standards. The EHQ fleece is elastic, soft and hard-wearing, which means that the fleece cooler rug adapts perfectly to the horse’s shape.

Anti pilling finish – Pilling is the formation of small knots of fibres on surface of the fabric. Over time this entanglement spoils the appearance of the fabric. Mattes fabric is woven using a high twist multi ply yarn and a longer staple. This reduces pilling and prevents lint and knots in the fabric.

With lengths ranging from 115 cm to 165 cm, the horse cooler rug has every type of horse covered. Mattes horse cooler rugs can also be used as horse show rugs.

The functional fleece fabric is available in more than 30 different colours, with a choice of almost 50 binding and piping shades, enabling you to create your own personal favourite combination. We can embroider the optional MATTES logo in your chosen colour on either the front or back.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 3 cm