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Asymmetric Girths

Does your horse suffer from a less well-defined girth, or more bulge below and a wide ribcage?

Mattes Asymmetric girths were specifically designed for this type of horse or pony. Animals with a less prominent or awkward girth groove, especially close-coupled horses that have less pronounced ribcages, where the girth has a tendency to sit in too forward of a position will benefit from the Asymmetric girth, which has been severely cut back in the front to allow extra distance to the elbow area. The deeper recess in the elbow area allows even more clearance for the elbow, than the Anatomic girth. Remember that the curved neck always points to the front.

Mattes Asymmetric girth

Mattes have created a range of asymmetric girths for all types of horses and ponies, saddles and riding disciplines, such as asymmetric long girths, short girths (also known as Mattes Asymmetric dressage girths, but which will also fit monoflap saddles), western girths, and close contact asymmetric jumping girths.

Mattes Asymmetric girths are available in a cotton quilt, or slim-line leather. Both girths are encased in a removable sheepskin cover, whose natural fibres cushion your horse and allows sweat to wick away naturally, essential if your horse is prone to sensitive skin.

Click on the individual images above for more information and to buy now. If you are not sure which type of girth will fit your horse, browse our best horse girth guide or feel free to contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or email, as we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you some solutions to your problems. (Even if you just want to talk about the different colour combinations).

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