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Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate Ear Bonnet


Golden Gate Ear Bonnets by Lauria Garrelli are made of a high quality crochet, stretch fabric for the ears with complimentary twin ropes and trim and stunning “Lauria Garrelli” emblem.

Lauria Garrelli Fly bonnets are available in 14 fantastic different colours, so you can be sure there is a colour to suit everyone. To complete the look why not add a matching golden gate saddle pad.

Create a stunning look for your horse, browse the range of ear bonnets below.

Golden Gate Ear Bonnet

  • Size: Pony or Full
  • 14 fantastic Colours
  • Machine Washable (See Product care)
  • 100% Polyester
  • Please see our Buyers Guide for current delivery times on Bespoke Products


The Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate Ear Bonnet is available in 14 colours baby blue, baby pink, blue, brown, dark grey, grape, lime, purple, taupe, black, burgundy, hot pink, navy and orange. Each bonnet is complimented with two lines over woven rope trim.

The quality crochet is stretchable to help the fit over your horses ears and not only looks good, but is also functional, keeping the flies away from your horses ears.

Compliment the look by including a matching Golden Gate saddle pad.

HKM Ear Bonnet Sizing Click to view.

In order to obtain the correct Ear Bonnet Size for your horse, there are three essential measurements you need to take in CENTIMETRES:
  • Circumference (Base of Ears) - Measure around the base of the ears
  • Ear Length - Measure from the tip of the ear to the base of the ear.
  • Distance Between Ears - This is the measurement across the poll, between the ears.
Circumference - Base of Ears
Ear Length
Distance Between Ears

Additional information

Weight 2.75 kg
Dimensions 35 × 46 × 14 cm
Bonnet Size

Pony, Full


Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Grape, Lime, Purple, Taupe, Black, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Navy, Orange