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Crescent Girths

Does your horse have a short back or a barrel shaped body (short backs and wide legs) and does your girth tend to slip forward due to lack of room?

The Mattes Crescent Girth has been specifically designed to overcome these issues and is heavily cut back in the elbow area allowing greater elbow movement without hindrance or the possibility of chafing, which is a common problem on this type of horse. The girth opens to the rear in the sides and below to accommodate the far forward-reaching bulge. Most of these types of horses (Arab mares for example) have no appreciable or no girth groove at all.

The rear part of the girth is wider than the front so that the greater bulk in the rear can be accommodated and this stops the girth from slipping forward. Each girth is supplied with an attached directional label, to make sure the girth is fitted correctly. Over the years Mattes have been constantly approached by horse owners with horses that were beginning to show or already suffered from chronic “Equine Sarcoids” in the elbow area and this girth was developed to alleviate this issue.

Mattes Crescent Girth

We have a range of crescent girths for horses and ponies, crescent long girths, short girths, crescent dressage girths, and even crescent western cinches.

The Crescent Girth is available in a cotton quilt, or slim-line leather. Both girths are encased in a removable sheepskin cover, whose natural fibres cushion your horse and allows sweat to wick away naturally, essential if your horse is prone to sensitive skin.

Click on the individual images above for more information. If you are not sure which girth will fit your horse, browse our girth style guide or feel free to contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or email, as we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you some solutions to your problems. (Even if you just want to talk about the different colour combinations).

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