Buyers Guide

What does Bespoke Mean?

Buying Bespoke Horse Tack means that you are buying an item that has been made especially to your own specifications and is unique to you.

It is not an off-the-shelf product that you can immediately take away. The benefit is that it allows us to offer you a vast choice in colours and styles, that normally would be impossible to offer for sale as a stock item due to the sheer number of variations.

Pink Equine have made buying Bespoke Tack as easy as possible. We have brought together the best Bespoke Saddle Pads, Horse Boots, Girths, Bridles, Browbands and Accessories under one website. The advantage of our new configurator, means you can select the product you want, design it to your own specification and visualize what it will look like before you buy.

On each product you will see some red text under the description that details how long your item will take to ship. All Mattes orders normally take between 5 – 8 weeks and Bridle work around 8 weeks. It can take longer at times, especially before and after xmas, so please be patient. Non-bespoke but special orders take up to 4 weeks, so please allow sufficient time.

Items that we have in stock will normally be mailed out and reach you within 7 days (International Orders may take a few days longer)

Which Products are Bespoke and Non Bespoke

Bespoke Products are:-
  • All Sport Range
  • All Diamond Range
  • All Tyffany Range
  • All Dogs Range
  • All Mattes Range
  • All William Leistner Range
Non Bespoke but Special Order (non cancellable) Products are:-
  • All HKM Range
  • All Lauria Garelli Range

If I buy a Bespoke Item, how does it affect the delivery times of Non Bespoke products bought in the same order?

We calculate one shipping price for the entire order, so that means your entire shopping basket is added together to get both the weight and dimension of the package.

All products – both Bespoke and Non Bespoke will therefore be held and shipped at the same time.

What happens if I make a mistake on my order

When you place your order with us, we will hold it without passing it through to the manufacturer for 48 hours, during that time you may amend or cancel your order. It is important though that you check your measurements are accurate and for this, we provide two things our guide on How to Fit a Bridle, additionally, you will find measurements to help you decide on which size you need in our Measurements Guide.

We are always happy to assist with choosing the right size, so if you get stuck, simply contact us on our Contact Us page, or phone us on 01386833050.

Can I Cancel my Order

For Non Bespoke items if you are within the EU these can be cancelled at any time up to 14 days after receipt, the cost to return these items would be your responsibility, however you would get a full refund including any initial postage paid. If you are outside of the EU we will be happy to provide a refund for the initial cost of the item, minus any postage costs so long as it is also returned within 14 days.

In respect of Bespoke ordered items these cannot be cancelled once ordered after the initial 48 hours have passed. After the 48 hours have passed the order will have been sent to the manufacturer for production. This also applies if the item takes longer, as – at times – there may be circumstances outside of our control that affect this.

How do I purchase

For in stock or sale items, click on the item to order and place in your shopping basket. For bespoke items click the “Design Yours” button, where you will be taken to the “Configurator” design page and you can build a product to your specifications and see what you are buying displayed on the screen.

The “Configurator” allows you the option of “save for later”, this saves a copy of your design that you can recall at any time (you do need to register for a free account to save your designs).

Once you are happy with the design, click order and this will be placed in your shopping basket, ready for you to check out as normal.

How do I get Rewards

Rewards are applied automatically to your account and will stay on there for a period of 12 months. You get 50 points when you sign up, worth £5 and a further £5 each birthday, plus you get 1 point for every £2 spent. Every 10 points you earn you get a £1 discount to use with any order.

You will get a reminder when your points are about to expire, so that you don’t find them disappearing before you have had a chance to use them. You will have the option at checkout of redeeming the value.

How do I buy Gift Vouchers

You can purchase gift vouchers up to any value which will be digitally sent to the recipient. Our vouchers enable you – if you wish – to upload your own photo rather than the standard ones, to truly personalise your gift.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 2 years from purchase date. You can apply your voucher code at checkout to redeem the value.

How do I know what’s happening with my order

The current status of your order will be shown in your account, simply login to see where we are at with your Bespoke Order. Alternatively, you can always contact us to ask if you are not sure.