Cream Saddle Pads

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Cream Jumping Sheepskin Saddle Pad
Cream Jumping Sheepskin Numnah
Cream Jumping Sheepskin Half Pad
Cream Jumping Saddle Pad
Cream Jumping Numnah
Cream Jumping Half Pad
Cream Dressage Sheepskin Saddle Pad
Cream Dressage Sheepskin Numnah
Cream Dressage Sheepskin Half Pad
Cream Dressage Saddle Pad
Cream Dressage Numnah
Cream Dressage Half Pad
Cream All Purpose Sheepskin Saddle Pad
Cream All Purpose Sheepskin Numnah
Cream All Purpose Sheepskin Half Pad
Cream All Purpose Saddle Pad
Cream All Purpose Numnah
Cream All Purpose Half Pad

Cream Saddle Pads

Cream is a calm, and elegant colour that exudes pure luxury. It’s mellow and sophisticated, combining the warmth of brown and the crispness of white.

People who choose Cream as their favourite colour, often have competitive or athletic traits. They do not like to lose and always appear cheerful and project an air of confidence.

Cream Saddle Pads can be paired with many different colours. Cream mixes well with Blue, Red, Beige and even orange. However Lavender sits across from cream on the colour wheel, and so is cream’s best complementary color.

Mattes bespoke saddle pads, offer the colour cream (They refer to it as Champagne) in their cotton and cotton sheen ranges. It is available in saddle pad, numnah and half pad, with or without sheepskin and in All Purpose, Jumping or Dressage Styles. Combine this with the huge choice of colour trims, ropes and sheepskin, you begin to see why their saddle pads are totally bespoke and made to order.

When ordering Mattes Cream Saddle Pads, what you end up with is a unique high quality product that stands the test of time and if looked after, will last for many years.