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8 Most Popular Equestrian Whips

most popular equestrian whips

On the subject of choosing the right whip for your equestrian needs, more often that not popularity of a product reflects quality, performance, as well as value and for those reasons, we believe it is helpful to let other customers know what is popular. In this article, we present the 8 most popular equestrian whips that Fleck whips of Germany produce, focusing on the top 4 dressage whips and 4 jumping bats. These selections are based on sales numbers, showcasing the whips that riders trust and prefer the most. As always, our recommendations are from Fleck, the leading brand in equestrian whip manufacturing, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and reliability.

The answer to that question is very simple and down to Fleck’s longstanding history and reputation in equestrian whip manufacturing making them the go-to brand for riders worldwide. Because they specialise exclusively in whips, Fleck has honed their craft over decades, working closely with equestrians to perfect their designs. This dedication to quality ensures that every Fleck whip meets the highest standards of performance and durability.

Unlike other brands that diversify their product lines, Fleck focuses solely on creating the best equestrian whips. Yes there are cheaper brands out there, but unlike Fleck they offer a variety of equestrian products and actually specialise in nothing. The result is the lack of expertise that a company like Fleck brings to the table. Fleck’s equestrian whips are not mass-produced but handcrafted with care and precision, ensuring superior quality.

We believe in working with brands that match our commitment to excellence. Fleck’s dedication to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our own, making them the only equestrian whip brand we recommend. Not only that, but selling a single equestrian whip brand means that we have an in depth knowledge of those products and are able to recommend to customers the best whip for their needs. We are also able to ship Fleck whips all over the word.

Fleck Ultra Light Whips

Our selection of the 8 most popular equestrian whips is based on several key factors:

1. Sales Popularity: We chose whips that are bestsellers, reflecting their popularity among riders.
2. Competitive Pricing: Each whip offers excellent value, balancing quality and affordability.
3. Top Quality Materials: Fleck uses premium materials to ensure durability and performance.
4. Functionality: These whips are designed to do their job effectively, whether for dressage or jumping.


Fleck Carbon Ultralight Dressage Whip. This is the most popular version of Fleck dressage whips, and the ultimate in lightweight performance. The whip is made from a light carbon composite material with a padded grip and Plastic Cap end and weighs in at only 50 grams.

The whip is extremely well balanced and allows a really precise touch on your horse, making it an essential tool for any serious rider. The whip comes in a choice of lengths to suit and a range of 5 elegant colours.

Length: 100cm – 140cm
RRP: £35.99


Fleck Carbon Ultralight Jumping Bat. For the same reason as the dressage whip, the Fleck Carbon Ultralight Jumping Bat is the most popular bat for those that jump their horses.

The carbon fibre shaft makes the whip light but strong with a leather flapper allowing for subtle control of your horse as you are going over the jumps, which is why it’s so popular. There is a choice of two lengths and similar to the dressage whip 5 colour choices.

Length: 45cm & 60cm
RRP: £34.99


Fleck Contact Dressage Whip. This is a brilliant whip, no wonder it is so popular. The whip is constructed of a fibreglass shaft, covered in woven nylon and finished with Flecks soft and innovative PU Grip with silver ferrule and end cap.

Although the whip is light the handle has a really nice chunky feel to it and your hand sits comfortably on the cleverly designed grip. It has beautiful balance and although a bit more expensive than some of the others, worth every penny. Fleck Contact dressage whips are used by serious competitors, so you can see why this whip is so popular.

Length: 110cm – 160cm
RRP: £40.99


Fleck BSJA approved Jumping Bat. The British Eventing approved Fleck Jumping Bat is constructed from solid fiberglass, featuring a competition grip handle and a soft leather shock absorbing cushion flap. It’s compliant for use in British Eventing and BSJA competitions.

Weighing 140g, the bat measures 60cm in length, with a 29cm handle and a 31cm bat. The width of the bat is 3cm, complying with British Eventing Rules for padded jumping bats, making this one of the most popular jumping bats on the market.

Length: 60cm
RRP: £47.99


Fleck Showjumping Whip. This showjumping bat now has the same BSJA approved leather cushion flap, but with the original Fleck Grip that is so popular.

The showjumping whip is also available in two lengths and if you want something a bit different a range of shaft colours that you can customise to your hearts content.

Length: 50cm or 60cm
RRP: £39.99


Fleck Evo Grip Dressage Whip. The Fleck Evo Grip Dressage Whip offers lightweight precision with its beautifully balanced handle. Designed for novices but used by more experienced riders as well, the woven nylon-covered shaft ensures durability and ease of use.

Beyond practicality, this whip brings a splash of personal flair with over 50 unique shaft designs available. No matter your choice, your whip will stand out in style!

Length: 100cm – 140cm
RRP: £34.99


Fleck Delta Pro Jumping Bat. Originally designed without the Delta Pro handle, Fleck revamped the design to match the popular dressage version, giving birth to the Delta Pro Jumping Bat. Featuring the same ergonomic grip handle as its dressage counterpart, this whip is tailored for jumping, equipped with a long cushioned flapper to aid horses over jumps.

With exceptional balance and available in 50cm or 60cm lengths, the Delta Pro Jumping Bat is both effective, great value and extremely popular!

Length: 50cm or 60cm
RRP: £29.99


Fleck Delta Pro Dressage Whip. For dressage enthusiasts seeking an affordable yet high-quality whip, the Fleck Delta Pro Dressage Whip is an excellent choice. Ideal for both training and competition, it features a Blue Black handle, a nylon-covered shaft, and comes in lengths from 100cm to 160cm, increasing in 10cm increments.

The DELTA PRO whip stands out with its unique rubber compound and finely grooved surface, ensuring a secure grip. Its slim, ergonomic triangular handle provides optimal hold and handling, accommodating all hand sizes. Enjoy perfect handling with no need for grip adjustment, all wrapped in a sleek, innovative design.

Length: 100cm – 160cm
RRP: £29.99

In summary, Fleck’s equestrian whips are popular for good reason. They offer a perfect blend of quality, affordability, and functionality. Our top 8 picks cover all your equestrian needs, whether you are looking for a dressage whip or a jumping bat. By choosing Fleck, you are investing in the best craftsmanship and performance available. Explore our selection and find the perfect whip that suits your riding style and budget.

Remember, while these are the most popular Fleck whips, their range extends far beyond with literally hundreds of different whips styles available and something for every rider’s needs. Check out Flecks other ranges of equestrian whips below, or if you are not sure feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

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