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9 Affordable Horse Riding Whips

Affordable Horse Riding Whips

When dealing with horse riding whips, finding the right balance between quality and affordability can be challenging. Fleck, the world-renowned whip maker, offers a range of affordable options without compromising on performance. Whether you’re just starting out, or need a reliable backup, our top 9 picks of affordable Fleck riding whips will suit your needs. Whether you are into Jumping, Dressage, or simply a leisure rider, we’ve got you covered as our top picks include riding crops, jumping bats, and dressage whips to help you make an informed choice.

Of course cost is a primary factor, especially for beginners who are still figuring out what works best for them and their horse. Investing in an affordable whip, can initially save you from spending a lot on something that might not suit your needs. Additionally, whips are prone to getting lost or damaged, so having a few affordable options on hand is practical. Fleck’s range of affordable riding whips ensures you get quality without breaking the bank.

While affordability is crucial, a riding whip must still perform its intended function effectively. It is false economy to buy a cheap whip, only for it not to work as advertised, or break, the moment it is put under any pressure and means spending more money on a replacement. Fleck whips on the other hand are known for their durability and craftsmanship, ensuring that even their most affordable options are reliable and sturdy. Each whip we recommend is designed to last and provide the performance you need, whether for training, casual riding or even competition.

Firstly affordability, we only looked at riding whips priced under £35.00, as we felt this was an affordable amount to spend on a whip. In fact our recommendations range from £14.99 up to £34.99. Secondly we chose those whips that had good overall design, handles that allowed for a secure grip and a flexible enough shaft. Thirdly we chose whips that could be used for the whole spectrum of equestrian disciplines, so that we ended up with something for everyone.

We chose riding crops, jumping bats, and dressage whips. There is often some confusion about which should be used for what, so here is a brief explanation.

Jumping bats as the name suggests are used by riders who jump their horses, this could be showjumping, the cross country section in an Eventing competition or someone who just practices over jumps at home or during a riding school lesson. Jumping bats are normally the shortest of the whips between 40 and 60cm in length and have either a leather triangular shaped flapper or a padded flap, which is used to tap the horse on the shoulder or behind.

Riding Crops are next. They are normally longer than Jumping bats (70 – 80cm) and can either have a flapper or lash on the end. Riding crops are really useful all rounders, especially if you do a bit of everything, jumping, leisure riding and dressage. A riding crop can be used in all disciplines, although if you are ultimately going to specialise we recommend buying a whip that is designed for that discipline.

Dressage whips are the longest of the riding whips normally between 100cm and 160cm (depending on the size of the horse and rider). Bear in mind though that in dressage competitions where riding whips are allowed, the rules specify a maximum whip length of 120cm.

Affordable Riding Whips

You may be asking yourself why we only recommend Fleck whips. It’s a fair question, and there are three main reasons:

  1. Expertise and Reputation:
  2. Fleck has a longstanding history and an outstanding reputation in the world of riding whip manufacturers. As the number one brand dedicated solely to whips, they have spent many years perfecting their designs and working closely with riders to produce the best whips available.

  3. Specialisation and Quality:
  4. Unlike other brands such as Shires, LeMieux, WoofWear, Dublin, and HKM, which sell a wide range of products, Fleck specialises exclusively in whips. This specialisation means that Fleck’s whips are not mass-produced in countries like China but are crafted with superior quality and attention to detail in their own long established factory in Germany.

  5. Selective Partnerships:
  6. We are very particular about the brands we partner with. The brands we choose must match our own standards of quality and design. By focusing on a single brand like Fleck, we ensure that we fully understand the products and can provide the best advice to our customers. Selling a vast array of brands would dilute our expertise and the quality of our recommendations.

Ok now to the bit you have all been waiting for! Here are our recommendations for 9 affordable riding whips.

1. Fleck Silk Touch Blue Riding Crop

The Fleck Blue Bling Riding Crop is both fun as well as being practical, adding a touch of sparkle to your riding while maintaining functionality.

The whip features a sleek black fiberglass shaft and an ultrasoft grip adorned with sparkling blue rhinestone crystals and a matching blue end cap, this riding crop perfectly blends style and functionality for an enticing riding experience. Available in either 50cm or 60cm lengths and great value.

Length 50cm or 60cm RRP £24.99

2. Fleck Personalised Riding Crop

The Fleck Grip Personalised Riding Crop features the classic Fleck grip, a durable woven nylon cover, and a custom name badge.

Never forget which whip is yours ever again! The beauty of this whip is that not only is it functional, but it allows you to add your own name to it to avoid mix-ups and ensure your riding crop is always easily identifiable. This is perfect for riders who want to keep track of their gear, especially if you are sharing a tack room.

Available in a variety of shaft colors and two lengths, 45cm and 60cm, the Fleck Grip riding crop offers both style and practicality for every rider.

Length 45cm or 60cm RRP £32.99

3. Fleck Nylon Riding Crop

The Fleck nylon riding crop has a carbon fibre shaft covered in woven nylon, with a soft wrapped grip, wrist loop, PVC cap and lash, available in 80cm (32″) or 90cm (36″) lengths.

The Fleck riding crop is light and nicely balanced, a great all rounder, affordable and the perfect whip to start out with. Choose from 5 different shaft colours. At this price you can afford to own several to serve as spares.

Length 80cm or 90cm RRP £14.99

4. Fleck Evo Grip Dressage Whip

The Fleck Evo Grip Dressage Whip is light with a beautifully balanced evo grip handle. The shaft is covered with woven nylon and is a great dressage horse whip for those just starting out.

As well as being practical this whip is also great fun as you get to choose from over 50 different shaft designs. Whatever you choose, chances are no-one is going to the have the same style whip as you!

Length 100cm – 140cm RRP £34.99

5. Fleck Silk Touch Rose Gold Dressage Whip

If you like bling and something a little different this is the whip for you. The Fleck Rose Gold Dressage whip, is stylish with its fibreglass shaft and Silk Touch coating. The whip has a soft grip handle that is wrapped with crystal stones that really sparkle. The look is completed with a ferrule and end cap in beautiful rose gold, a whip that makes quite a statement and at only £29.99 really affordable.

The rose gold whip is available in 100cm, 110cm, 120cm and 130cm lengths and also with the handle, ferrule and end cap in chrome.

Length 100cm – 130cm RRP £29.99

6. Fleck Delta Pro Dressage Whip

If your serious about dressage but need an affordable whip, this is the one to go for. The Fleck Delta Pro Dressage Whip is perfect for dressage training, or competition. The Blue Black Handle, nylon Covered shaft complete with lash, are available in lengths from 100cm to 160 cm in 10cm increments.

The DELTA PRO dressage whip features a unique rubber compound and finely grooved surface, ensuring a firm grip for the rider. The slim, ergonomic triangular handle design offers optimal hold and handling. The tapered handle on the dressage whip provides flexibility and fits hands of all sizes comfortably. The design ensures perfect handling without the need for grip adjustment, combined with an innovative and fresh look.

Length 100cm – 160cm RRP £29.99

7. Fleck Jumping Bat

On to the jumping bats. The first is the Fleck Jumping Bat a light affordable whip brilliant to practice your jumping with. The Fleck Jumping bat has a slim leather grip, great for those riders who don’t want a bulkier handle. The shaft is carbon fibre wrapped in woven nylon with a wrist loop and thin flapper finished off with a silver cap. The whip is 60cm (24″) in length.

The Jumping Bat is a thinner nicely balanced whip and great value. As well as black you can choose from four other shaft colours.

Length 60cm RRP £18.99

8. Fleck Delta Pro Jumping Bat

This whip was originally made without the Delta Pro handle, but Fleck saw how popular the dressage version was and designed to match it with the Jumping Version. Thus the Delta Pro Jumping Bat was born. Exactly the same ergonomic grip handle as the dressage whip discussed above, but designed for jumping with the long cushioned Flapper, perfect to help horses over those jumps.

The whip is really nicely balanced with a choice of sizes 50cm or 60cm and is great value.

Length 50cm, or 60cm RRP £29.99

9. Fleck Padded Jumping Bat

The Fleck Padded Jumping Bat is exactly the same as the Delta Pro, but without the more expensive handle. If you are just starting out or have never used a jumping bat before, this is a cheap way of finding out if it suits you before upgrading to something a bit more expensive.

Still a nicely balanced whip with a soft feel handle and a great introductory bat for the sport of jumping.

Length 60cm RRP £18.99

Our goal is to help all our customers find what they are looking for and whilst we don’t get to speak to every one face to face or on the phone, we hope that articles like these help the process. Fleck’s affordable riding whips offer an excellent balance of quality and cost. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider looking for reliable, cost-effective options, our top 9 picks cover all your needs and is a great place to start.

Remember, we only recommend Fleck because of their unparalleled expertise, specialised craftsmanship, and our shared commitment to quality with our own ranges of horse tack. In addition to their affordable options, Fleck offers a wide range of choices to suit every rider’s needs. Investing in a Fleck riding whip ensures you’re getting the best in craftsmanship and performance. For details on the complete ranges of Fleck riding Whips, explore our selection below and find the perfect whip that suits your riding style and budget.

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