Rewards Scheme


Posted By: denise on March 29, 2018 News

Rewards Scheme

Earn rewards when you become a member and purchase from Pink Equine.

Automatically earn rewards when you purchase any product on the Pink Equine website. It’s free to join and membership brings other benefits, including a free newsletter, member only competitions, special sales and other great member only deals.

What does that mean for you? The more you spend, the more money you get put into your Rewards account to spend on products on our website. It is valid on every item you purchase and you get 1 point for every £2 Spent. 10 points = £1 discount, but we’re going to give you a head start!

Free signing bonus!

Simply sign up for membership today and you will get 50 points immediately, worth £5 discount on your order. If you have already signed up and want to claim your £5 Rewards Voucher, simply email us and we will add it to your account.

Start Earning Rewards today and reaping the benefits of free membership.

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