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Sport Fetlock Boot Size Guide

Horse Fetlock Boots are essential protective gear, designed to safeguard the lower limbs from injuries caused by the horse’s legs brushing against each other, or from contact with obstacles during exercise or while in motion.

Introducing Pink Equines range of Fetlock boots, made from high quality Italian Black, Brown or Tan leather and soft inner neoprene, extremely popular with our customers and featuring the unique coloured piping and stitching.

Use the Fetlock boots size guide below to make sure you order the correct size of Fetlock boots for your horse.

After using the Fetlock boots size guide, if you are still not sure of the correct size of Fetlock boots that best fits your horse, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via email, telephone, online chat, or using the contact us form and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Fetlock Boots

  • Measurement A-B (Fetlock Circumference) - around your horses fetlock.
  • Measurement C-D (Length) - Measure from the bottom of the horses fetlock joint to approx 3cm below the horses knee, allowing enough clearance so that when the horses leg is flexed upwards the boot would not intefere with free movement of the knee.
Fetlock Boots
Fetlock Boot Measurements
Unit (CM)
A - B
Fetlock Bone Circumference
36.0 - 40.0cm
31.0 = 35.0cm
27.0 = 31.0cm
22.0 = 26.0cm
21.0 = 25.0cm
C - D
NB: Quoted sizes may vary slightly.
NB: Straps are elasticated, so do afford some small flexibility in sizing.