White Saddle Pads

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White Jumping Sheepskin Saddle Pad
White Jumping Sheepskin Numnah
White Jumping Sheepskin Half Pad
White Jumping Saddle Pad
White Jumping Numnah
White Jumping Half Pad
White Dressage Sheepskin Saddle Pad
White Dressage Sheepskin Numnah
White Dressage Sheepskin Half Pad
White Dressage Saddle Pad
White Dressage Numnah
White Dressage Half Pad
White All Purpose Sheepskin Saddle Pad
White All Purpose Sheepskin Numnah
White All Purpose Sheepskin Half Pad
White All Purpose Saddle Pad
White All Purpose Numnah
White Rory Glitter Trimmed Saddle Pad
White All Purpose Half Pad
White Lauria Garrelli Saddle Pad
White Diamante Saddle Pad

White Saddle Pads

The early Christian church adopted the Roman symbolism of white as the color of purity, sacrifice and virtue. White saddle pads look absolutely stunning on black horses, and look amazing against black horse tack and saddles.

White saddle pads are perfect for showing, competition or special occasions where you really need to show your horse at it’s absolute best.

For the complete look why not pair your saddle pad with our patent black leather and white padded bridle

White Saddle Pads, look good on any horse and you can use white on any style or design of bespoke saddle pad you choose. Feel free to compliment the white quilt with darker colour trims, ropes and sheepskin to create a unique look, matching your own outfit or the rest of your horse tack.