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6 Best Fleck Dressage Whips

6 best fleck dressage whips

Fleck is undoubtedly the most popular brand of whip manufacturer globally, boasting over 150 years of experience and three generations of craftsmanship. Their motto, “You can always make a good thing better”, reflects their continuous innovation and dedication to quality. Fleck is synonymous worldwide with innovative riding crops and whips, trusted in all equestrian disciplines, from casual riding to competitive sports.

As a manufacturer and retailer of our own high-quality range of horse tack, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and Fleck is the only whip brand that matches our ethos and quality, making them the only whip brand we recommend.

With over 70 different dressage whips in the Fleck range, choosing the right one can end up being a daunting task. To help you decide, we’ve narrowed it down to the 6 best Fleck dressage whips that stand out for their superior design, comfort, performance and price. Read on to discover our top choices!

Fleck’s dressage whips are categorised into three ranges: Economy, Professional, and Premium. In selecting the 6 best Fleck dressage whips, we considered price, but we didn’t want to recommend a whip solely because it’s inexpensive. Fleck utilizes a variety of materials in their manufacturing process, from traditional bamboo and cane to the latest ultralight carbon fibre used in fishing rods. While all Fleck whips are crafted to the highest standards, including their stunning traditional bamboo whips, we also had to take into account factors such as weight, performance, comfort, and balance. Taking into account all the features we have mentioned here are the 6 best Fleck dressage whips we recommend.

1. Fleck Carbon Ultralight Dressage Whip

Ultralight Carbon Dressage Whip
Full Length Ultra Carbon Dressage Whip

This is the lightest dressage whip that Fleck make, weighing in at only 50grams. The shaft is constructed from an ultralight carbon composite material, with a PU grip handle and plastic end cap. Carbon Composite material is both light and durable, so you aren’t losing any performance. The whip is available in a range of sizes to suit all size of rider and horses, from 100cm to 140cm in 10cm increments. You also get to choose from a range of different colours.

This is what customers have to say about the whip.

“This whip is so light and easy to handle that you almost forget that you have it in your hand.”

“I bought this with 4 months ago and I have been in love since the first ride! It’s perfectly balanced and so much lighter than a traditional plastic whip.”

“This whip is amazing. It’s light in the hand, not too flexible so it doesn’t touch your horse unless you want it to. It’s thin but soft in your hand.”

The Fleck Carbon Ultralight Dressage Whip is a steal at £35.99

2. Fleck Feldman Balance Dressage Whip

Best Balanced Dressage Whip

The Fleck Feldman range of whips were designed in conjunction with Walter Feldmann, a well respected trainer and breeder of the Aegidienberger gaited horse with decades of riding experience. All Fleck Feldman whips feature carefully designed grip positions that are outlined with two raised mounds on the grip. The precise setting of the grip ensures optiumum balance in the hand and why we have awarded this whip the best balanced dressage whip.

Don’t take our word for it, the Fleck Feldman Balance whip was awarded top marks in tests by Cavallo Horse Magazine in Germany.

This is what customers have to say about the whip.

“I’m really glad that I invested in this dressage whip. It sits so comfortably in your hand. It feels very balanced as the name suggests”.

“Well the name says it all. This whip is in deed perfectly balanced. Nice slim handle and wonderful quality.”

“Top of the class! You will just not want to put this whip down”.

The Fleck Feldman Whip is available in five different versions. Every version can be purchased in lengths from 100cm – 160cm in 10cm increments and where applicable in a variety of coloured shafts and Rhinestone handles.

1. The Classic Wooden Balance Grip with Wooden Balance handles Price £40.99
2. The Sports Balance whip with Non Slip Rubber Balance Grip handles Price £36.99
3. The Strass Balance whip Rhinestone leather grip and non slip rubber balance grip Price £57.99
4. The Premium Balance Whip Lacquered cotton thread cover mushroom cap Price £49.99
5. The Carbon Sports Light Whip with non slip rubber balance grip Price £39.99

3. Fleck Custom Brilliance Dressage Whip

Fleck Custom Brilliance Whip Double Wrapped handleFleck Custom Brilliance Whip Single Wrapped Handle

For those seeking a cohesive and polished appearance, the Brilliance range of Fleck Dressage Whips is the key to achieving a fully coordinated look. Match your whip with the rest of your riding gear for a sophisticated style that stands out in the arena.

The whip is Lightweight carbon composite material wrapped in woven nylon, with an paralleled choice of shaft and handle colours with the choice of a single or double wrap of rhinestones that really set this whip off and why we are awarding it the best custom dressage whip. Even with all the customisation the whip is finely balance with a comfortable handle.

This is what customers have to say about the whip.

“I’m in love with this whip! Throughout the years I’ve used a variety of different brands and styles of whips but this version of Fleck’s dressage whip is simply stunning.”
“I bought this for myself for my birthday. I’ve always hated carrying a whip as I always feel they’re either unbalanced or too heavy or….. not so with this one! OMG just beautiful!”

Available from 100cm – 140cm lengths, the Fleck Brilliance Dressage Whips starts at £79.99.

4. Fleck Contact Dressage Whip

Fleck Contact Dressage Whip

The Fleck Contact Dressage Whip is made with a robust fibreglass shaft and an innovative PU ergonomic styled grip, that is beautifully balanced and a whip that can be used on a daily basis. The whip is available in three different coloured handles, all finished with a silver end cap and collar. The contact dressage whip can be purchased in seven different lengths starting from 100cm up to 160cm, providing the rider with great flexibility.

This is what customers have to say about the whip.

“Love this whip for everyday use, lightweight and worth the money”
“Lovely Balanced Whip”
“For me the Fleck Contact Dressage Whip is the perfect whip for my daily dressage training.”

The Fleck Contact Dressage Whip £40.99

5. Fleck Triple Balance Dressage Whip

Fleck Triple Balance Dressage Whips

We have crowned the Fleck Triple Balance Whip as the overall winner of Best Fleck Dressage Whips. The Triple Balance dressage whip is innovative and combines the best features of Fleck’s Balance, Impulse, and Delta models into a single, exceptional tool for dressage enthusiasts. The triangle shaped handle has been ergonomically designed with varying grip thicknesses for ultimate comfort and handling, ensuring a secure grip even during the most intense riding sessions. The whip is finely balanced and sits perfectly in the hand.

This is what customers have to say about the whip.

“This whip is amazing! Its light in the hand, not too flexible so it doesn’t touch your horse unless you want it to.”
“I love this whip! So easy to use, change reins, etc. Best whip I’ve had.”
“I’ve used a number of different brands and styles of whips but this version of Fleck’s dressage whip is by far the best”.

The Triple Balance whip is available in black, with lengths from 110cm – 140cm and three styles
1. Triple Balance with a stiff carbon composite shaft and lash Price £40.99
2. Triple Balance Flexi, with a more flexible carbon composite shaft and lash Price £46.99
3. Triple Balance Ultralight, a lightweight and flexible carbon shaft with a padded leather keeper Price £51.99

6. Fleck Antique Dressage Whip

Fleck Antique Dressage Whip

When talking about Fleck whips we couldn’t not mention the Fleck Antique dressage whip! If money was no object you would definitely want to be seen around the yard with this beautiful creation in your hand. The Fleck antique whip is completely handmade with beautiful braided leather carefully platted around a carbon shaft finished with woven cotton that has been carefully lacquered and finished with a platted braid lash. The whip is finished with antique silver ferrules and end post.

The whip is beautifully balanced and has a quality feel to it, whether you choose all black, Burgundy, Royal Blue or one of the many other available colours, the Fleck Antique Dressage whip will definitely stand out.

The Fleck Antique dressage whip available in lengths from 100cm – 150cm Price £424.00

We hope that this article has helped you understand the differences between the 6 best Fleck dressage whips we recommend and guided you to find a whip that suits your needs. At our core, we believe in working with top-quality brands that share our ethos of excellence, and our collaboration with Fleck Whips of Germany is a testament to this commitment. Their custom range of whips compliments all our offerings, ensuring you have access to the finest equipment and you can understand why they are the only brand we recommend.

While these are the 6 best Fleck dressage whips we recommend, we also offer a wide range of other Fleck whips, riding crops, jumping bats, and lunging whips. Explore our collection and elevate your riding experience with the best in craftsmanship and performance.

To view the complete range of Fleck Whips click the image below. Remember that unlike many retailers we are able to offer worldwide shipping on the complete Fleck range of whips.

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