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Mattes Burgundy Velvet All Purpose Sheepskin Half Pad
Mattes Burgundy All Purpose Cotton Sheen Numnah with blackberry and blue rope trims
Mattes Burgundy All Purpose Cotton Sheen Sheepskin Numnah with Burgundy sheepskin and blackberry trim
Mattes Mattes Burgundy All Purpose Cotton Sheen Sheepskin Numnah
Mattes Burgundy Eurofit All Purpose Velvet Saddle Pad with gold coloured rope trim
Mattes Burgundy Cotton Sheen All Purpose Half Pad
Mattes Burgundy Dressage Cotton Eurofit Sheepskin Saddle Pad with white Sheepskin front and rear and white rope trim
Mattes Burgundy Dressage Cotton Sheen Numnah with Black front only sheepskin
Mattes Burgundy Cotton Sheen Dressage Sheepskin Numnah
Mattes Burgundy Cotton Dressage Half Pad with Navy Blue Binding
Mattes Burgundy Cotton Dressage Sheepskin Half Pad with Black sheepskin front and rear
Mattes Burgundy Eurofit Velvet Dressage Saddle Pad with blackberry rope trim, raspberry logo and saddle fix
Mattes Burgundy Cotton Sheen Jumping Numnah with gold rope trim
Mattes Burgundy Velvet Sheepskin Jumping Numnah with light blue rope trim
Mattes Burgundy Square Cotton Sheepskin Jumping Saddle Pad with Champagne Trim and Logo
Mattes Burgundy Cotton Sheen Jumping Half Pad with Burgundy Coloured Binding
Mattes Burgundy Eurofit Velvet Jumping Saddle Pad with Blackberry Binding and Rope Trim
Mattes Burgundy Cotton Sheen Sheepskin Jumping Half Pad
HKM Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate Burgundy Saddle Pad

Burgundy Saddle Pads

Burgundy Saddle Pads

Enjoy browsing our comprehensive range of burgundy saddle pads. If you like burgundy there are hundreds of different saddle pad styles and designs to choose from. Some of the burgundy saddle pads displayed are immediately available off-the-shelf products.

Mattes Burgundy saddle pads are all made to order because of the many different versions and designs that are possible.

Even with the burgundy quilt there are thousands of different colour combinations, rope trims, bindings, and even the sheepskin has over 30 different colour options.

Our design software allows you to change styles and colours to your heart’s content, but whatever design you finish up with, you can be sure that it will be unique.

There is no limit to the number of changes you can make to your design and you can save it or even print it out. Mattes also offer a luxurious burgundy velvet quilt option.

Hopefully, if you love the colour burgundy we have given you some ideas and hope you enjoy designing and ordering your saddle pad, however, if you have any queries, there is someone always on hand to help. Either fill in the contact form or phone us on 01386 833050.

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