Fleck White Vaulting Whip

Fleck Telescopic Vaulting Whip

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“The Fleck Telescopic Vaulting Whip, your ideal partner for balance in vaulting”

The Fleck 3 part telescopic vault whip is made from Carbon Composite, with a wrapped grip and silicone lash that extends to 5 metres.

Available in Black or White, click on the add to cart button to order yours today.

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  • Length: 290cm
  • Product No 05034LPO



The Fleck 3 part Telescopic Vaulting Whip is made from a carbon composite material with wrapped grip and 500cm (200″)silicone lash. The whip extends to 290cm (114″) and is available in White or Black.

Explore Flecks premium vaulting whips and find your ideal partner for balance in vaulting. A vaulting whip is an essential tool for vaulters of all skill levels, allowing for precise control of movements and signals while enhancing your connection with the horse. Crafted from lightweight and durable materials, Fleck whips ensure top-notch performance. Whether for training or competitions, they will elevate your vaulting experience to new heights.

  • Length: 290cm
  • Product No 05034LPO

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