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Mattes Bespoke Luxury Horse Ears


  • Size: Medium, Large or Extra Large (Additional Measurement information)
  • Ear Length: Medium = 16cm, Large = 18cm, Extra Large = 19.5cm
  • Ear Circumference: Medium = 21cm, Large = 22cm, Extra Large = 23cm
  • Distance Between Ears: Medium = 9cm, Large = 11cm, Extra Large = 11cm
  • Crochet Depth: Medium = 22cm, Large = 24cm, Extra Large = 24cm
  • Hundreds of fantastic Colour Combinations
  • Logo Patch for Embroidery to front
  • Quality Hand Knitted Fabric (Product Care)
  • Click on the design yours button below and start creating your very own set of horse ears (How to use the online designer tool)
  • Please see our Buyers Guide for current delivery times on Bespoke Products


Mattes Equestrian Horse Ears are made from the finest Egyptian cotton and the most widely customisable on the market today. You can choose from a wide range of colours for the the cotton, and for the crochet material. You can choose up to three different rope trims with over 40 colours to choose from and even a different binding. Design your own top of the range 100% customizable hand knitted horse ears from Mattes Equestrian. Customizable Mattes ear bonnets provide not only comfort for your horse, but add a touch of class, especially when combined with a Mattes saddle pad. Mattes horse ears are made from the finest Egyptian cotton. Our bespoke design software gives you literally thousands of combinations. Choose from over 40 crochet and ear colours, with optional binding colours and up to 3 rope trims. You can truly make your design unique.

Mattes bespoke horse ears

The whole product is hand made (including the crochet work). Mattes horse ears are more expensive than mass produced horse fly bonnets, but you just don’t get the level of care and detail, plus the ability to choose your very own colour scheme anywhere else. You can complete the set by adding a matching saddlepad or girth. If you are looking for top notch products, you really can’t beat the Mattes ear bonnet and we are proud to be able to offer these in conjunction with our own matching horse bridles and head collars. Mattes Ear Bonnet Sizing Click to view.

In order to obtain the correct Ear Bonnet Size for your horse, there are three essential measurements you need to take in CENTIMETRES:
  • Circumference (Base of Ears) - Measure around the base of the ears
  • Ear Length - Measure from the tip of the ear to the base of the ear.
  • Distance Between Ears - This is the measurement across the poll, between the ears.
Extra Large
Circumference - Base of Ears
Extra Large
Ear Length
Extra Large
Distance Between Ears

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 3 cm