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dressage girth Sport Interchange Leather Colours Brown Leather Dressage Girth with Sand Beige Piping Brown Leather Dressage Girth with Orange Piping Black Leather Dressage Girth with Rose Piping Brown Leather Dressage Girth with Rust Piping Black Leather Dressage Girth with Royal Blue Piping Black Leather Dressage Girth White Piping Black Leather Dressage Girth with Gold Piping Black Leather Dressage Girth with Hunter Green Piping Brown Leather Dressage Girth with Purple Piping Black Leather Dressage Girth with Aubergine Piping

Sport Interchange Colour Piped Dressage Girth


Our Sport Interchange Leather Dressage Girths have been designed as the ultimate in Style and more importantly comfort for your horse.

Available as Black Leather Dressage Girths or in Brown leather. What sets us apart from other girths? Not only do we use the best leather, combined with the latest neoprene padding, but each girth is hand stitched made to order and the Coup de gras is that you can customize them by adding subtle coloured stitching and leather piping.

As the name suggests the Sport Interchange can be mixed and matched with other pieces of horse tack in our range, creating a fresh and fashionable look for your horse.

Sport Interchange Leather Dressage Girths

  • Premium Italian Leather
  • Soft Neoprene Padding
  • 30 Colours of Piping
  • Elasticated Straps (all)
  • Inner Flaps fully lined with soft calf leather
  • Shaped for Comfort
  • Sizes:50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm
  • Custom made Product
  • Click on the “Design Yours” button below to choose the style, colour, stitching and piping
  • Please see our Buyers Guide for current delivery times on Bespoke Products


This luxury leather dressage girth has been designed to provide better distribution of weight to the chest whilst allowing freedom for the horse to move through the leg. Made entirely of leather, with a fully breathable neoprene inner filling, that is much softer than normal padding, and therefore much more flexible to the touch.

The ergonomic dressage girth design is available in black or brown leather and made to order.

The buckles are roller buckles to aid fastening. The leather used has an abrasion resistant coating to keep it looking pristine. This girth starts at 50cm and is available in 34 piping options.

Match the dressage girth with the Pink Equine horse bridle and headcollar.

Pink Equine Girth Sizing Click to view.

In order to obtain the correct Girth Size for your horse, there is one essential measurement you need to take in CENTIMETRES:
  • Girth Length - This may seem simple, but when purchasing a girth, especially an expensive one, you will want to make sure the it still fits your horse through certain weight changes over summer and winter. Therefore you need to enlist some help and measure from the middle hole on the saddle straps, under the horses stomach and up to the middle hole of the saddle strap the other side. This will give you a few holes either side for seasonal adjustments. Always ensure that the girth buckles are clear from the horses shoulder when choosing a short girth.

if you are in between sizes, and are unsure, simply measure out the nearest girth size and see where this sits on the saddle strap holes, ensuring there is still a good level of adjustment. If this is not workable and you definitely require a different size, please contact us via our contact form and we will advise you personally. Girths are available in 5cm increments.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 11 cm