Horse Tendon Boots
Horse Tendon Boots Sport Interchange Leather Colours Black Leather Tendon Boots with Teal Piping Black Leather Tendon Boots with Aubergine Piping Brown Leather Tendon Boots with Petrol Piping Black Leather Tendon Boots with Red Piping Black Leather Tendon Boots with Sunflower Piping Brown Leather Tendon Boots with Baby Pink Piping Brown Leather Fetlock Boots with Atlantic Blue Piping Brown Leather Tendon Boots with Orange Piping

Sport Interchange Colour Piped Horse Tendon Boots


Our in vogue Sport Interchange front Horse Tendon Boots are made with top quality Italian leather and a soft inner neoprene padding. What makes our equine tendon boots different from others is the subtle coloured piping and hand produced coloured stitching.

You can choose from over 30 different coloured looks and our horse tendon boots are available in Black or Brown. Match them with our rear fetlock boots.

Alternatively you can ensure your horse tack is a complete match and combine boots with our other Sport Interchange ranges including, bridles, girths, saddle pads, ear bonnets, stirrup leathers and even your horses headcollar.

Colour Piped Horse Tendon Boots

  • Premium Italian Leather (Product Care Information)
  • Soft Neoprene Padding
  • 30 Colours of Piping
  • Elasticated Straps (all)
  • Shaped for Comfort
  • Sizes:Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full (Measurement Information)
  • These are bespoke items designed by you. Click on the “Design Yours” button below to start using our bespoke configurator software and order your tendon boots now. (How to use the online design tool)
  • Please see our Buyers Guide for current delivery times on Bespoke Products


These luxury leather Sport Interchange Colour Piped Horse Tendon Boots offer supreme comfort and support for the horse around the delicate tendon area.

Made from top quality Italian Black or Brown leather with intricate hand stitched and contrasting piping, the leather horse boots feature elasticated straps which are easy to use, due to their pull over and pop in fastening design.

Inside the tendon boots is a neoprene inner with a rolled edge to provide additional protection from dirt and cushioning for the lower leg.

Sport Interchange Colour Piped Tendon Boots are a quality pair of boots, built to last and a really striking addition to your Sports Interchange kit. Match with a set of rear horse fetlock boots.

Pink Equine Tendon and Fetlock Boots Sizing Click to view.

Pink Equine Tendon/Fetlock Boots Our Tendon Boots have 2 - 3 (depending on the boot size) fully elasticated straps enabling maximum adjustment for comfort of the boot on the horses leg. There are 3 holes on each strap which give the smallest/largest dimensions listed below. Small variations can occur as they are all handmade. There are two measurements you need to take in CENTIMETRES to ensure you purchase the right size:
  • Cannon Bone/Fetlock Combined Length - measure the horses cannon bone length, allowing enough clearance so that when the horses leg is flexed upwards the boot would not intefere with free movement of the knee.
  • Fetlock width- measure a U shape from the front side of the fetlock, round the back of it and back to the front, ensuring that the start and end of the U is where the boot would sit.


Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 11 cm