Tyffany Fading Wave Browband
Tyffany Fading Wave Browband Tyffany Fading Wave Purple Tyffany Fading Wave Plum Tyffany Fading Wave Pink Tyffany Fading Wave Orange Tyffany Fading Wave Green Tyffany Fading Wave Blue Tyffany Fading Wave Black Tyffany Fading Wave Red

Tyffany Fading Wave Browband


Introducing our newest collection the Tyffany Fading wave browband. Choose from 8 different colours that fade from dark to light, giving you a different looking depending on which way your horse is facing. Unique to Pink Equine.

The Tyffany Fading Wave Browband

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Introducing our newest collection the Tyffany Fading Wave Browband. A very pretty Wave Browband with a fading pattern designed exclusively by Pink Equine in the UK.

The Tyffany Wave Browband is different to others available on the market in that the Crystals are set deeper into the brow band. This means the crystals are much more secure and will not fall out during everyday use. Our 12 month repair or replacement warranty is the mark of a quality product.

The curved browband is set with large Chaton Crystals, these are particularly beautiful for competitors who compete indoors as the brow bands sparkle beautifully under the lights. The fading colour changes as your horse moves it’s head, making for a unique look. Currently available in 8 different coloured stone effects.


In order to obtain the correct Browband Size for your horse, there is one essential measurements you need to take in CENTIMETRES:
  • Browband – This measurement is taken from one side of the horses head, across the horses brow and allowing for two fingers width behind the ear each side for clearance. If you have a current browband that fits nicely, you can just measure that from end to end.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 8 cm

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Main Leather Colour


Fading Colour

Black Fade, Blue Fade, Green Fade, Orange Fade, Pink Fade, Plum Fade, Purple Fade, Red Fade


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