Mattes Rio Pecos Western Square Pad Black Natural with Correction System
Mattes Rio Pecos Western Square Pad Brown Natural with Correction System
Mattes Rio Pecos Western Square Pad Brown Brown with Correction System
Mattes Standard Western Square Pad Brown Brown
Mattes Standard Western Square Pad Brown Natural
Mattes Standard Western Square Pad Black Natural

Mattes CORE Western Rio Pecos Saddle Pad Black/Brown L with Correction System

price from: £521.97

All Mattes saddle pads are bespoke, and you can choose from many different colors and permutations, however, if you want to take advantage of the quality materials and technical design but don’t want to wait, then you are in luck because Mattes holds a core selection of Large Rio Picos Square Western saddle pads in stock in their warehouse which can be delivered to us in 2-3 weeks.

Available in Black or Brown quilt and Natural fully lined sheepskin, or Brown quilt with Brown fully lined sheepskin, including the 6-pocket correction system (3 pockets on each side) with 3 shims per pocket. The Mattes Rio Pico Square Western Saddle Pad is distinguishable by its square shape and fully removable sheepskin.

  • Size: Large
  • Depth :36cm
  • Luxurious Cotton Material
  • Sheepskin: Fully Lined Sheepskin. Removable
  • Finest Quality Sheepskin, hand selected and tanned in own Tannery in Germany.
  • Colour: Black or Brown with Natural Sheepskin, Brown with Brown Sheepskin
  • Includes 6 Pocket Correction System
  • CORE Items are available on shorter delivery timescales (2-3 weeks)
  • Please see below for important information about ordering this item

Size Guide

How to Measure for your Western Saddle Pad

  • Measure your saddle length from front to back including the skirt, take the longest measurement.
  • Add 10cm to get the length of the pad you will need, round up to the nearest pad size shown on the chart.
    Example Length

    Measurement: 78cm

    Pad Size: L - 80cm

  • Turn your saddle over and measure from the centre of the saddle, to the outermost part of your rigging and under the seat to the edge of the skirt at the leg.
  • Add 5cm to get the depth of the pad you will need, round up to the nearest available depth as shown on the chart.
    Example Depth

    Measurement: 39cm

    Pad Depth: 40cm

1. Round Western, 2. Square Western, 3. Performer Western, 4. California Western
Mattes Western Pad Measurements
Unit (CM)
A - B
All Styles
C - D
All Styles
36, 40, 45cm
36, 40, 45cm
36, 40, 45cm
36, 40, 45cm
36, 40, 45cm
G - H
All Styles
NB: Quoted sizes may vary by +/- 2 cm.
Saddle pads may shrink by up to 5 % when washed.
NB: Extra Wide Wither (EWWA - Darker Red on Image) on underside sheepskin allows an additional 4cm wither clearance.

Delivery & Returns

This product is: Short Delivery

Delivery Timescales

This product is on short Delivery, this means that the product is Custom, however it is held in the manufacturers local warehouse and will ship to us immediately, so time should be allowed for this. Therefore, shipping timescales from us, to you, are presently:

  • 3 weeks

Delivery timescales can vary depending on your location, especially at busy times such as Christmas


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In addition, our two-year warranty ensures you are making a wise and secure investment. Choose excellence and join the ranks of satisfied customers, making us the go-to source for top-notch equestrian gear.


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The Rio Pecos Cotton Western Correction Saddle Pad, with its squared-off lower edge, clearly defined edges, includes three correction pockets on each side and two separate panels with detachable lambskin is available in size L. This product is available as on short order 2 week delivery. The trademarked SPINEFREE® design reliably prevents any pressure around the withers and spine.

Unique to the Rio Pecos Range of Western Saddle Pads, is the fully removable sheepskin lining, this makes keeping your sheepskin clean much easier than having to wash the whole pad. Mattes has their own range of Melp Cleaning fluid, especially designed for their sheepskin.

The core of the Rio Pecos Square Western saddle pad is made of two layers: POLY-FLEX® (a deep-needled polyester felt) is used to maintain the shape and spread the pressure, while polyester wadding provides padding and allows air to flow through the fabric. Mattes completely avoid foam, neoprene or gel, making the whole pad breathable.

This Rio Pecos saddle pad comes with the shims CORRECTION® System with three pockets. They supply three 5 mm-thick felt shims (POLY-FLEX®) for each pocket, offering the same pressure relief as a good quality new saddle, padded with wool and horsehair.

MATTES developed the CORRECTION® system to allow flexible and easy changes to saddle fit by up to 30 mm: to easily compensate for the rapid physical development of young horses in training, for horses that have been out of work for some time, or for trained horses which change shape a lot during the competition season, whenever quick alterations are needed.

Simply add extra shims, or just as importantly, remove them, to suit the horse’s changing shape. It is crucial to balance out long-term irregularities in conformation. These should never be corrected by adjusting the saddle itself!

The depth of this pad is 36cm which is the standard depth.

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