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Mattes Custom Long Crescent Slimline Sheepskin Girth

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“I was having real problems with a slipping girth, but thanks to Mattes my girth no longer slips forward.”

– Alexandra W. Mattes Crescent Girth Customer

The Mattes Crescent Slimline Girth is a perfect fit for rounder horses with short backs and wide ribs or a narrow chest. The special shape of the girth absorbs the rib curvature so that it cannot slip forward.

Mattes Crescent leather Girths are made from beautifully padded leather covering spreader inserts that help distribute pressure over the entire girth area. The girth has been specifically cut back in the elbow area which is 2 cm slimmer than its cotton quilted counterpart, allowing greater elbow movement without hindrance or the possibility of chafing.

The Crescent leather Sheepskin Girth is cushioned by 100% Merino Lambskin and soft edge trim, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit for your horse. Mattes deliver unrivalled workmanship on all their products and in our view, there’s truly nothing that can surpass the exceptional quality of Mattes girths. Click the “Design Yours” button below to make your girth a reality.

If you need assistance finding the correct shaped girth for your horse, please do not hesitate to ask.

One year warranty on all products (terms and conditions)

  • Size: 100cm - 160cm (5cm Increments)
  • Black, Brown or Champagne Leather Base
  • Top Quality Sheepskin, fully removable
  • Designed with your horses shape in mind
  • Hundreds of fantastic Colour Combinations
  • Please see below tabs for important information about ordering this item
Design Yours

Size Guide

How to Measure your girth

  • Firstly, your horse should be measured after work, this is to ensure that you get the correct measurement and not one distorted by your horse puffing out against the girth buckling.
  • Always measure your girth length on a saddled and girthed horse, both sides of the girth must be buckled evenly.
  • Using a soft tape measure, measure from the middle hole on one side, to the same point on the other side, if it is between lengths, always round it up to the next length.

    Measurement: 133cm

    Girth Length: 135cm

  • Make sure that if your horse is touchy around the mid section, that you secure the assistance of someone to help you.
1. Anatomic, 2. Asymmetric, 3. Crescent, 4. Athletico
Mattes Long Girth Measurements
100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm, 130cm, 135cm, 140cm, 145cm, 150cm, 155cm, 160cm
NB: Quoted sizes may vary by +/- 2 cm.

Which Girth Style do you need?

Anatomic Girth

This Girth shape suits horses with good confirmation where the girth sits far enough away from the horses elbow. The Girth is slightly cut back at the front and back in the elbow area. (strap is rotatable).

Horse shape for Anatomic Girth
Horse Shape for Anatomic Girth
Anatomic Girth Style
Anatomic Girth Shape

Asymmetric Girth

This Girth shape suits close coupled horses with less pronounced rib cages, where there is less distance from where the girth wants to sit and the elbows. This girth is severely cut back in front of the elbow area to compensate for this.

Horse shape for Asymmetric Girth
Horse Shape for Asymmetric Girth
Asymmetric Girth Style
Asymmetric Girth Shape

Crescent Girth

This Girth shape suits round horses with short backs and wide ribs or a narrow chest. The special shape of the girth absorbs the rib curvature so that it cannot slip forward.

Horse shape for Crescent Girth
Horse Shape for Crescent Girth
Crescent Girth Style
Crescent Girth Shape

Athletico Girth

This Girth shape suits horses with athletic, strong wedge shaped physique. The special shape of the girth prevents in almost all cases, any saddle slippage that may result in the girth sliding backwards.

Horse shape for Athletico Girth
Horse Shape for Athletico Girth
Athletico Girth Style
Athletico Girth Shape

Correct Girth Fitting

A Correctly fitted Girth will ensure the maximum comfort for your horse in both ensuring there is clearance through the elbow and ensuring your saddle stays in place. You should ensure enough clearance that the buckles do not catch on your horses elbow, additionally that the Mattes Girth Style you choose suits your horses conformation.

Correct Fitting
Mattes Correct Girth Fit
Incorrect Fitting
Mattes Incorrect Girth Fit

Delivery & Returns

This product is: Custom

Delivery Timescales

We take great pride in offering Custom products that are tailored to your specific design and requirements. To ensure your item is of the highest quality and meets our exacting standards, it is created from scratch by our skilled manufacturers. This process does take time and as such, there is a production timescale of approximately four to six weeks. We strive to provide accurate delivery timescales, but please note they may vary, especially during busy periods such as the holiday season. Rest assured we will do everything in our power to ensure your order arrives as promptly as possible whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.


With our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products, you can have complete faith in our unwavering confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of whatever you order from us. If you find your order does not meet your needs you can exchange it within 14 days (terms and conditions apply)

In addition, our two-year warranty ensures you are making a wise and secure investment. Choose excellence and join the ranks of satisfied customers, making us the go-to source for top-notch equestrian gear.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Mattes Custom Long Crescent Slimline Sheepskin Girth

  1. Sara C

    Impressive Customer service

    Can I say how impressed I am with your customer service and the quality of the Mattes Crescent leather girth I bought.

    Initially I had to change the length size which was handled very quickly and easily and was worried I had ordered too short. Your lovely staff were reassuring and very helpful and I now have a girth that is comfortable and a perfect fit for my round bellied short backed cob!

    She’s an awkward shape and I have tried several different shapes and styles on her and honestly was worried this would be the same but it has been great and I am so pleased I took the plunge and spent that bit more, it’s definitely been worth it.

    I’m now saving up for one of the Mattes sheepskin numnahs 😁

  2. Hanah A

    Received my beautiful Girth

    Received my girth today thanks. It is beautiful, the sheepskin is so soft, I can’t wait to try it on my horse!

  3. Alexandra W

    The Crescent girth solved all my problems

    I was having real problems with a slipping girth, but thanks to Mattes my girth no longer slips forward! My horse loves it thanks for your help and advice.

  4. Angela W

    Just perfect for my horse

    This girth is the perfect fit for my horse thanks, it looks so comfortable and doesn’t rub like the last one.

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The Mattes Crescent Slimline Girth has been specifically cut back in the elbow area allowing greater elbow movement without hindrance or the possibility of chafing, which can be a common problem. The crescent leather girth opens to the rear in the sides and below to accommodate far forward-reaching bulges and horses with no appreciable girth groove. The crescent shape of the girth absorbs the rib curvature preventing the saddle from slipping forward.

Mattes Crescent Girth

The Mattes Long Leather Sheepskin Crescent girth, is the ideal horse girth to provide a secure saddle and with the removable sheepskin girth sleeve is extremely comfortable for the horse. (Replacement Mattes girth covers can be ordered separately)

Pink Equine is a supplier of Mattes custom girths in the UK and the rest of the world including the USA and Canada. If you are not sure which girth shaped would best fit your horse, take advantage of our free consultation service when any advice you receive from us is completely warranted.