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Which British Dressage Membership is right for you?

British Dressage Membership

If you are excited about dressage and thinking about competing in dressage competitions, you will more than likely need British Dressage Membership, but which package is the right one for you? We take a look at the six different types of British Dressage Membership and their Benefits.

British Dressage really does try and cover all bases with their membership packages and there should be something for everyone whether you are a  rider, club, owner, coach, or judge. BD currently offers six different membership packages and we shall look at each one in respect of the cost and benefits they offer.

Let’s take a look at the most basic version of membership first called BD community which is in fact free of charge! This is a great choice for those new to dressage or who are thinking about getting more involved or competing.

1. BD Community membership

BD Community membership entitles you to free access to all online horse and rider British dressage schedules, records, and results, the digital version of “British Dressage” magazine, and a regular email newsletter called “Engage”. The beauty of this introductory membership is that you can also buy a “Class Ticket” and try your hand at affiliated competitions before deciding whether to become a fully paid member or not. (You can upgrade your membership at any time.)

What is a class ticket?

A class ticket is as the title suggests a ticket for a dressage class. Provided that you and your horse have an associate registration through British Dressage, each class ticket costs £10.00 (available on the British Dressage website) and allows you the opportunity to compete in one affiliated class. You must still pay any competition entry fees required and be aware that you are competing under British dressage rules.

Even if you are an advanced rider, the class ticket can be used at any level and you are also entitled to receive any prize money and grading points from your results, however, you cannot use the points on a class ticket to qualify for Championships or Area festivals. (You cannot use a class ticket for dressage to music competitions because the class ticket does not include a Phonographic Performance Limited license).

2. Club Membership.

This is the best option if you are new to dressage, or competing at the Novice level, but intend to compete on a more regular basis. Membership allows you to compete in Preliminary Bronze qualifier classes, My Quest and Team Quest – including the Championships, and Combined Training – including the Championships and the Music Championship qualifiers.

The cost of membership is £35 annually for you and £15 annually for your horse. Club membership entitles you to public liability and personal accident insurance, as well as access to a legal helpline manned by specialist equine solicitors, access to regional terms, training camps, and other social activities, discounted costs for national and regional training events, the “Engage” newsletter and a music license.

You certainly get a lot of exclusive benefits for your money, just be aware that if you qualify for a championship within the Summer or Winter Area Festivals, Associated Championships, or Para, you must upgrade to a Full membership to be eligible to compete. If you are planning on competing in more than 3 lower-level competitions over the year, then it makes financial sense to go for Club Membership.

3. Full Competing Membership

Full competing annual membership is the complete package and entitles you to compete in any British Dressage-affiliated competition. It doesn’t matter if you are competing just for fun, an amateur rider, or a seasoned professional. The cost of membership is £90 per Annum (£8.50 per month subscription) for the rider and £80 per Annum (£7 per month subscription) for British dressage horse registration.

Full membership entitles you to compete in all levels of competition, including qualifying and competing in all Championships, public liability, and personal accident insurance, as well as access to a legal helpline manned by specialist equine solicitors, access to regional teams, training camps, and other social activities, a copy of the British Dressage Magazine, published eight times per year the British Dressage membership handbook, and “Engage” monthly newsletter and music license. If you are planning to compete on a regular basis and aiming for the qualifying championships then Full Membership is essential.

4. Full non-competing membership.

If you are a horse owner, a judge, a coach, or even just a supporter, or a rider taking a break,  the full non-competing membership allows you the opportunity to stay involved in the sport. You are still able to register your own competition horse with the thrill of following its progress. It also allows you the option of applying to be a BD-approved judge or coach.

Full non-competing membership costs £60 annually (£5.25 per month subscription) and Full Horse Registration costs £80 annually (£7.00 per month subscription) Full non-competing membership entitles you to the same benefits as Full Competing membership, without the ability to compete in a competition yourself.

5. Trial Membership

If you want the benefits of full membership without the commitment of a full 12 months and haven’t been a member before, you can enjoy a taste for a three-month trial period. The cost for three months is £35 for rider membership and £15 for horse registration. You have access to the same benefits as full membership but just for three months. If you decide you like it you can easily upgrade to the full 12-month plan.

6. Winter Full membership

Some riders have other commitments and are only able to train and compete through the winter season, such as those who compete in Eventing competitions. The Winter Full Membership package runs for six months from October to March. Rider membership costs £55 for six months and Horse Registration £55 for six months. The benefits are the same as the full competing membership.

What are the public and personal accident benefits?

Public Liability

Equine Insurance specialist KBIS provides up to £10 million cover in respect of a third-party liability to cover compensation and legal costs, if you cause accidental death, personal injury to any person, or accidentally lose or damage third-party property.

Personal Accident Insurance

Cover against accidental death, loss of limb or sight, and permanent disablement whilst the member is engaged in a horse-related activity, during the course of their membership.


How to cancel British Dressage membership?

Once you sign up for a British Dressage membership the minimum term is for 12 months. Once the twelve months term has passed, both membership and horse membership will be moved to a rolling subscription service and automatically renewed after the initial 12 months (you will receive notification within 6 weeks of the renewal date, with the opportunity to cancel membership, provided that you notify BD within 14 days of the renewal date). After the first twelve months, the rolling subscription service means that you can cancel at any time by giving 14 days’ notice of cancellation by letter or email.

For more information or to join British Dressage visit the membership page.

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