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Bespoke Horse Tack

Design your Own equestrian horse tack
Get Creative. With hundreds of combinations of Styles, Designs and Colours of Bridles, Browbands and Horse Tack you can create your perfect style, individual to just you.
Bespoke Horse Browband
Design your Own Tyffany Straight Browband
Design your own Swarovski Crystal Browband, unsurpassed colour options available. Premium Top Leather 130 Colours of Swarovski Chaton 5 Choices
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Sports Interchange Colour Piped Horse Fetlock Boots
Sport Interchange Rear Fetlock Boots, Match with our Front Tendon Boots. Add to this product with other Sport Interchange Products
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horse polo
Sport Interchange Colour Piped Close Contact Girth
Close Contact Girth designed for Eventing, colour co-ordinate your team or club colours and create a unique identity and look.
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equine tack
Design your Own Swarovski Crystal Browband
Design your own Crystal Browband using our unique custom design tool, this browband is narrow, approximately 2.2cm making the combination
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equestrian equipment
Sport Interchange Colour Piped Tendon Boots
Sport Interchange front Tendon Boots, Match with our rear Fetlock Boots. Add to this product with other Sport Interchange Products
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Horse Equipment
Sport Interchange Colour Piped Horse Bridle
Sport Interchange Bespoke Colour Piped Bridle, design your own from literally thousands of potential combinations, match to your team, club

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<i class="fab fa-sticker-mule"></i> The History of Horse Tack

The History of Horse Tack

History of Horse Tack Horse riding equipment can be traced back to about 700BC, although there is

<i class="fab fa-sticker-mule"></i>  Quality Grooming Brushes

Quality Grooming Brushes

It is now clear to every horse lover that daily brushing not only cleanses but also promotes a

<i class="fab fa-sticker-mule"></i> William Leistner Brushes

William Leistner Brushes

Since 2007 we have offered William Leistner Brushes as a Crystallized only option with a belt made

<i class="fab fa-sticker-mule"></i> Rewards Scheme

Rewards Scheme

New for 2018 is the Pink Equine Rewards Scheme, what does that mean for you? The more you spend,


Every time you purchase an item from Pink Equine, you earn reward points that you can save up for that special purchase. Sign up today and get the following benefits now:-
  • Sign up bonus of 50 Points to Spend immediately.
  • Access to exclusive Monthly Product Bonus Rewards.
  • Use your Rewards on any Purchase.
  • Collect more rewards with every Purchase you make.
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pink equine rewards program
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