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Sport Interchange Horse Martingale / 3 Point Breastplate


Sport Interchange Horse Martingales, or 3 point breastplates are available in Black or Brown leather, with a choice of 30 different colours of stitching and leather piping.

Our 3 point martingales are carefully designed and crafted to ensure they are up to the job, but at the same time add a touch of class to your horse tack.

Sport Interchange Horse Martingales

  • Premium Italian Leather
  • Removable Sheepskin
  • 30 Colours of Piping
  • Elasticated Straps
  • Interchangeable Parts
  • Sizes:Small Pony/Pony, Cob/Full
  • Bespoke Product
  • Click on the “Design Yours” button below and start choosing the colours and design of your horse martingale
  • Please see our Buyers Guide for current delivery times on Bespoke Products


The Top Quality Bespoke Pink Equine Sport INTERChange Horse Martingale / 3 point Breastplate is the next generation of Breastplates affording you ultimate flexibility.

Three Point Horse Martingales are most common, featuring two straps that wrap around the neck of your horse, while a strap on either side connects to the D rings of your saddle. A the fork on the chest a third strap runs between your horses legs and connects to the girth.

This type of setup prevents basic slipping of the saddle whilst affording rider safety and many horse riders use this arrangement because it is relatively simple and allows your horse to move freely.

For added security and for more rigorous disciplines, choose a 5 point breastplate.

Our 3 point breastplate features softly padded breastplate parts with a wide choice of colour piping and stitching (or can be purchased plain) and incorporates fully breathable neoprene padding.

The breastplate includes the latest design of elastic inserts, rather than full elastic. This is by far the best solution as the plain elastic martingales can lose elasticity over time. The clips on the 3 point breastplate make attaching and detaching the Martingale really easy. This means they can be completely removed and the martingale detached without having to undo the girth.

All parts attach to the base part via solid brass (chrome plated) snap hooks which are more expensive than the lighter zinc snap hooks. All sheepskin parts are removable for ease of cleaning.

Fully co-ordinate your look, with our Sport Bridles, Brow bands, Girths and Tendon Boots. You really can create a unique style for your horse.


Pink Equine Martingale/BreastplateThere is only one measurement you need to take in CENTIMETRES for the martingale/breastplate as the main strap that connects to the girth has such a significant level of adjustment it will fit all sizes relative to the breastplate parts:
  • Centre of Chest to D Ring on Saddle – View the horse from the front and find the centre point of the chest. Measure from this point to the D ring on your saddle. As long as your measurement fits between our smallest and largest, thats the size you should choose.
Small Pony/Pony
Chest to Saddle D Ring – Smallest
Small Pony/Pony
Chest to Saddle D Ring – Largest

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 11 cm